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See what Health Optimizing CellRegulation users have to say about this technology!

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Miriam Neureuther (née Gössner)

German biathlete and cross-country skier, Olympic silver medalist

“I use Health Optimizing CellRegulation daily, for up to three times a day, and can confirm that it is a very good investment for anyone. Health Optimizing CellRegulation is used by my whole family. My parents use it often, my sister’s foot healed much faster after an operation.”

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Magdalena Neuner

German biathlete, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and the most successful woman of all time at Biathlon World Championships with 12 gold medals.

“Health Optimizing CellRegulation is great to prevent disease and possible injuries. I use Health Optimizing CellRegulation not only for my training, it helps with backaches and headaches as well.”

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 17.24.13.png Manfred Füsting


“I have been using Health Optimizing CellRegulation in my practice for seven years and can say that it may prove itself useful for the treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.”

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Tina Thörner

Swedish rally and Dacar co-driver

“In our sport, we experience a lot of compression and stress on our muscular system, the back, the knees. Health Optimizing CellRegulation is what helps my body to recover and get the most amount of my energy back. I have used other similar systems, but other athletes have recommended that I try out Health Optimizing CellRegulation and I have felt that it has the best effect for me.”

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Andrea Henkel

German biathlete, 8 x World champion, 2x Olympic champion

“I use Health Optimizing CellRegulation to improve my recovery, to support my lungs and to aid the healing of minor injuries.”

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Björn Ferry

Swedish biathlete, Olympic champion

“I had injuries happen to my clavicle and ankle shortly one after the other, and using Health Optimizing CellRegulation during that time, I have noticed faster healing. I have also noticed a quicker overall recovery when I use Health Optimizing CellRegulation in between practice. I would recommend it to other athletes.”

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Nadine Horchler

German Olympic biathlete and World Cup Winner

“I have been using Health Optimizing CellRegulation for two years already and it has mostly helped me with recovery as well as to fall asleep after late-night competitions.”

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Franziska Hildebrand

German Olympic biathlete and World Cup Winner

“I use Health Optimizing CellRegulation after training as it helps me get better sleep and improves my rest.”

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Philip Heintz

German Olympic Finalist Swimmer

“Since using Health Optimizing CellRegulation for the last three months, I have been positively surprised by the results. Especially by the improved recovery rate as I have been transitioning into deep sleep faster. I have noticed that it is much easier to recover and I can swim with much more force after resting. I would recommend having Health Optimizing CellRegulation at home not only for athletes, but for anyone experiencing muscular problems or simply wanting to improve their sleep.”

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Jessica Steiger

German record holder swimmer

“I have been using Health Optimizing CellRegulation for around 4 months now and it makes me stronger and fitter. It improved my performance during competitions. I think an electromagnetic therapy device is a must for an athlete, but also suitable for anyone. For example, Health Optimizing CellRegulation helps my mother with her backache. So, I can sincerely recommend this product.”

Jürgen Lang

Massage therapist from Darmstadt

“I have been using electromagnetic field devices in my practice for around 10 years. I switched to Health Optimizing CellRegulation a year ago and can say it has the best effect and is the easiest one to use. It is particularly useful for my athlete clients, when utilized together with a massage. I also work with nutritional supplements and can say that both the supplements and Health Optimizing CellRegulation are useful on their own, but the combination of the two makes an unbeatable phenomenon.”

Kurt Köhler

German Weightlifter, Boxer and Runner

“My heart rate recovers much faster after exercise since I have been using Health Optimizing CellRegulation for the last three years. I can continue to practice my endurance exercises in a disciplined manner.” Jürgen Esche

Specialist in Surgery and Orthopedics

“Health Optimizing CellRegulation provides completely new opportunities to improve the healing of our patients; I can only recommend this device.”

Please note: The previous version of Health Optimizing CellRegulation was called Medithera.

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