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How It Works

Read more about the science behind this revolutionary health technology.

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Your body is made up of over 30 trillion cells, and everything that happens in your body is dependent on the health of these cells. However, little emphasis is put on the importance of cellular health, simply because there haven’t been methodologies available for it. In conventional medicine, the focus is on symptom reduction, and there are no drugs that can improve cellular health. In alternative medicine, the focus is on supporting energy systems and healing processes, but any influence on cellular health is indirect. Thanks to the last two decades of technological advancement, it is now possible to directly improve cellular health in an effective and non-invasive way.


Health Optimizing CellRegulation is a state-of-the-art pulsating magnetic field system, made in Germany. The system comprises a high-tech control unit, a full body mat and a small mat for local therapy. The mats have a flat coil with electrically shielded cables, allowing only the magnetic field to come through when an electro-magnetic pulse is created by the control unit. It is generating a patented field with unique frequencies and waveforms to give an optimal effect on your body.

When your cells are producing energy, there is an exchange of sodium and potassium ions accordingly. Other aspects of cellular function also have specific ionic parameters correlating with the processes. Ions are charged molecules, and everything that holds a charge can be influenced by another charge. The pulsed magnetic field created by this system goes through the body and sub-merges all the cells with the therapeutic frequencies and waveforms.


Health Optimizing CellRegulation has a direct balancing effect on the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, which occurs in conjunction with the working of the cells in your body.

The very comprehensive health effects of Health Optimizing CellRegulation have been thoroughly documented through numerous studies and publications. For access to the various publications, please send a message through our Contact form. Additionally, discover the science behind the technology here.


There are different programs for regulating specific factors according to individual needs. If you are not aware of any specific needs, it is advised to use the default overall balancing program that can safely and effectively be utilised by anyone. This program prevents calcification in the arteries (which happens to everyone as they age), thus acts as anti-aging support for your vascular system. It also helps with the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, so that the cells can maintain an optimal function to balance your health and prevent common challenges.

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