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Read more about the programs available with this technology.

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The default 'Nature' program is recommended when you don't have any special needs due to situation, condition, or according to the Health Optimizing Main Assessment. This is an overall balancing program that can safely and effectively be utilised by anyone. This program prevents calcification and stiffness in the arteries and improves cardiovascular health. It also helps with the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, so that the cells can maintain an optimal function to maintain and optimize your health, and prevent common challenges. Use intensity level 5 to achieve improvements and level 3 for maintenance. 


The 'Active' program is for boosting ATP/energy and should be used before exercise or other situations where an energy boost is desired, and twice per day when low cellular activity is detected during the Health Optimizing Main Assessment. This program stimulates Na+/K+ exchange, thus increasing ATP production, mitochondrial function, and healthy cells. Always use intensity level 5 for the 'Active' program.


The 'Relax' program is for balancing stress agitation in the body, as well as for use immediately after exercise to prevent lactate buildup, soreness, and stiffness. Start with intensity level 2 and test if one level up or down works better for you.


All other programs are on prescription for use with a chip card that you can have programmed at any Regional Health Optimizing clinic. There are prescription programs for bone density, fractures, psoriasis, migraine, sleep, athletes, and much more.

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