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battery charger for your body! 

Health Optimizing CellRegulation acts as a battery charger for your cells. Use it at home to recharge and optimize your health daily!

Bringing the future of health to your home

Battery cells and human cells are obviously different types of cells, but they are similar in the sense that they both need to be properly charged to function optimally. Thanks to the last two decades of technological advancements, it is now possible to directly improve cellular health in an effective and non-invasive way from the comfort of your own home! 


Health Optimizing CellRegulation is a state-of-the-art pulsed magnetic field system made in Germany, comprising of a high-tech control unit, a full body mat and a small mat for local therapy.


It has a direct balancing effect on charged molecules in the body, including the exchange of ions over the cell membranes (which is a crucial part of every cell's function) and the prevention of calcification of the arteries.

Profound Efficacy

Proven through thousands of medical assessments (performed by MDs in Health Optimizing clinics), before and after a few weeks use of Health Optimizing CellRegulation. 


One-time investment providing a long-term health maintenance, home-therapy solution for the entire family. You can benefit from your device daily for many years!

Direct Impact

Influences important bodily factors directly (and non-invasively), rather than indirectly through chemicals.

Daily Optimization

Improves wellbeing and prevents health challenges at the cellular level. You further benefit from potentially avoiding invasive treatments. 

How does Health Optimizing CellRegulation work?

Introduction with Thomas Aksnes

The Science Behind The Technology

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Close up of the system
Small & large mat, with the computerised box and remote
Close up
Full view
Close up
Computerised box in focus

A Non-Invasive, High-Tech System For Effectively Optimizing Your Health & Energy!

Recommended Use

The normal use is morning and early evening; 20 minutes per session to achieve improvements or 8 minutes per session for maintenance. (An extra session before going to bed is optional for further benefits, but with balancing and sleep-promoting programs, rather than energy-boosting programs.) 

History of Health Optimizing


Years R&D


Years Clinical Experience



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